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Tiena Gwin is a wife and mother of 2 girls.  She loves watching movies and loves to cook.  And is a huge proponent of dreaming big and utilizing one's talents. Tiena Gwin is also the Creative Director of T I E N A that was started during the latter part of 2015.  Tiena is a past 2-year participant in Memphis Fashion Week' Emerging Designer Category which gave her confidence to further pursue fashion design.

After getting laid off from her job while pregnant with her second child, she decided to put all of her energy into her childhood dream and hence emerges  T I E N A.  Tiena's professional experience is in Real Estate Development and Project Management.  

Tiena learned garment construction and pattern making at the Arkansas School of Fashion in Little Rock, Ark.  Tiena was so determined she would drive to Little Rock, Ark every week from Memphis for 2 years.  

T I E N A embodies clothes that pull at your heart strings and evoke the spirit of expressing your most feminine self.  Feminine, Eclectic, Memorable, Daring, Sophisticated, and Long-Lasting Pieces that can be worn a number of ways are at the heart of what T I E N A expresses to the world.  

Our clothes are Made in the U.S.A. and are sustainably produced in a small batch process.  

We hope that in our clothes, you have found what you have been looking for and that we are helping you to look and feel like your best self!